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One of the reasons for creating this site was for the concern of the students in BCNU.  To learn a second language can take a long time and depends on how much study time they are allowed each semester.  Because of the large number of subjects the students have to cover in one semester they do not get enough exposure to English studies.  Of course there are many resources, such as the library and the internet, but sometimes these do not match their studies in class. With this site I hope to bridge the gap between lessons and allow them to review the material that they have covered.  They will also have somewhere to ask questions, something most students are shy to do in class.

This year,  December 2015, the ASEAN Nation will open up and that will mean, under the AEC plan, skilled workers and members of seven professions – doctors, dentists, nurses, engineers, architects, accountants and surveyors – will be able to move freely within the region. English will be a key factor for these professions because English is the chosen common language for all ten nations. Therefore it is very important that the students at Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Udon Thani, learn English to help secure their future.


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